Friday, May 19, 2006

Prepare thyselves! Episode 1 is coming!

Howdy chums.

Just thought I'd fill you in on Episode 1. We just got back from Spain last week, and handed the tapes over to our Editor, Murray Barnes. He told me that he's finished editing down the African footage from earlier, starring Elephants! I've done my commentary for it, and that part of the show is ready to ship.

I won't be the only star in this episode of RC:OWE, as my good friend from university Omar Omalomahlomahrrh filmed a delightful report on Leopards for us. We're incredibly lucky people, and Murray tells me that this is also ready to ship.

All that needs doing now is the segment on our trip to Spain (unfortunately, we never saw any animals, but it was a beautiful warm country nonetheless!), some touching up on the interstitials (Murray taught me that big filmy type word. He's not always been my editor, but he edits my footage in a much better light than my previous one, who shall go unnamed) and the competition!

That's right wildlife fans, a competition with a Mystery Prize!!! Could it be a date with yours truly? A hedgehog? A free massage? Who knows? I don't, I'm as in the dark as you are, so I don't give anything away on the show! It's very exciting though, so make sure to tune in when Episode 1 airs!

See you soon wildlife fans,


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